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Service Support

Service Support

More than 20 years of professionally providing integrated services of pre-press design, printing and post-press

Prepress Design

1. Strive to provide customers with comprehensive/efficient/convenient/perfect design services 2. Our design scope includes samples/picture albums/packaging, etc. 3. Relying on Jingyi's strong design execution, it perfectly presents the brand charm for customers

Printing Services

1. Our company will arrange production work the next day after the customer places the order.

2. According to distance, customers will choose to arrange direct delivery or express logistics. The delivery time depends on the size of the order.

3. If you have any quality problems when you receive the goods, please contact our customer service in time, we will deal with them as soon as possible.

Post Printing Service

1. Due to our company's quality problems, unconditionally re-produce;

2. After a cooperation, enjoy free proofing service for life.

3. Protect customer's intellectual property rights, no leakage; firm packaging, no damage to transportation, and guarantee the quality of transportation.


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